“...oozes with raw energy and panache, whilst musically hitting the nostalgia sweet spot.”

- Candid Magazine

“Sounding like a halfway house between Bruno Mars and Leon Bridges, the NYC-via-California musician confidently croons his way through the retro-ish instrumentation.”

- A&R Factory

“... an energetic speed ball of retro sounds and foot tapping hooks. Not dissimilar to the rock and roll-infused pop bangers of Bruno Mars or Pharrell Williams, his has a more indie flavour to his authentic pop.”

- The Most Radicalist

"...making vintage sounds feel fresh and modern."

- The Deli Magazine


insta6 (1).jpg

"Not only does he have a look that reminds us of BORNS but he has that special charisma and unknown vibe that makes them both be on a whole another level of potential to captivate the world."

- Wolf In a Suit


“When you listen...it is as if you've stepped back in time to the golden days when the Beach Boys and Elvis Presley ruled the airwaves.”

- Pop Dust

“The New York based talent presents us with an immaculate display of his soulful voice and a sleekly stirring, beautifully soothing soundscape.”

- I Heart Moosiq

“...his songwriting is honest, bare and to the point.”

- Vinyl Noise

“Micky blends his love of Motown, R&B, and 60s rock ‘n’ roll to create some seriously infectious retro pop gems.”

- Hullabaloo